Sermons by Bob Field (Page 2)

Names of God: Jehovah, The Personal God, The I Am

Jehovah (Or Yahweh) is more like a personal revelation. This is the Personality who takes the initiative and reveals himself to us as covenantal, ethical and passionately involved with humanity. In subsequent scriptures, adjectives are often added to this name to disclose aspects of his personhood. (EG. Peace, Provider, Righteous, Just, Shepherd etc).

Advent God’s Hope: Prophecy Candle

This is the first week of Advent. when we light the Prophecy Candle. Both Jesus first coming and his second are foretold by the prophets. We can look forward with great hope! Our hope does not lie in the circles of this sad earth, but in a God who breaks through with strong arms to comfort and rescue. Advent speaks of the first and second comings of Christ. We remember the Joy, the Hope, the Love and the Peace that…

The Fourth Habit: LEARN

Devote at least one period per week to the study of Christ and his work in the Gospels in order to better acquaint ourselves with who he is and how he ‘fished’ for people

The Second Habit: EAT

We learn how to practice hospitality around the table in order to open doors into the hearts of people, then eventually share the gospel. Eat with three people a week, at least one of whom is not in our church.

New Set of Habits

Mission is a habit! Whereas we often see our faith being exhibited in action, there’s also a strong case to be made for suggesting it can flow in the other direction, too. That is, our actions can shape our faith.
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