The Story So Far

The Story So Far

The Diamond Valley Baptist Church (DVBC) journey began back in the 1950s in the heart of Greensborough with young families moving into what was then an outer suburb.

Over the next thirty years a warm-hearted community grew and in the early 1980s it moved to its current location at 309 Diamond Creek Road, Plenty. It was the church members themselves who built what was then the largest mud-brick building in the southern hemisphere.

Since then DVBC has functioned as a large family that serves its community in a variety of ways.

Diamond Valley Baptist Church has grown and matured with the favour of God, the prayers of the people and the personal investment of those who call DVBC home. We are humbled by the amazing people we welcome to church each week; blessed by those who work with us for the kingdom – we are who we are because of God and God’s people.

We would be thrilled if you decide to join with us on the journey for the next thirty years. We believe that an openness to God allows our lives to be enriched in remarkable ways.

Welcome to the adventure!