Boys’ Brigade

Providing young people with a mix of fun, adventure and challenge, Boys Brigade mentors and empowers each member to reach for their potential, building their resilience and enabling them to find their place in leading and impacting their world today and into the future.

Boys’ Brigade provides a range of Christian-based activities and challenges, a structured program of achievements, Christian fellowship and guidance, and a sense of belonging to a local and worldwide group.

The boys will be challenged and rewarded, and will have their personal and interpersonal skills developed each week. Boys’ Brigade gives all members the opportunity to participate on a weekly basis, as well as going on expeditions, camps, sporting and social events and competitions.

At DVBC we host four Boys’ Brigade groups each week:

  • Anchor Boys (Years Prep to Two): 6-7.15pm
  • Juniors: (Years Three to Six): 7-8.30pm
  • Seniors Alpha (Years Seven to Nine): 7-9.30pm
  • Seniors Omega (Years Ten to Twelve): 7-10.15pm

Contact the church office for more information or click here 

Boys in years 1-12
Thursdays during school term
Anchors $100, Juniors $150, Seniors $200 per year