Christian Faith

Christian Faith

Hey, we know not everyone who visits this page is a Christian, or even knows what a Christian is, so we’ve pulled together some of our favourite resources to help you learn more about our faith and the God we serve.

If you want to talk about the Christian faith, just contact the church office, we’d love to meet with you. However, if you prefer to do some reflection by yourself, we’ve listed some resources on this page.

Why not start by having a look at this video by Rend Collective?

Here are some more thought provoking videos

Alpha Course Week 1

What is the Gospel? by NT Wright

Or you might prefer to check out some of these articles

What are the Gospels?

If you are jumping into the Gospels for the first time, or even the twentieth, get ready to be surprised all over again. Jesus never fails to challenge our paradigms of thought and dismantle our expectations. However, before you do jump in, let's take some time to understand what you are about to read. The four Gospels offer the earliest accounts of the story of Jesus, namely his life, death, and resurrection. But what kind of story is a “Gospel”? Continue reading HERE

What is the Gospel?

Have you ever heard someone use the term “gospel” and wondered what it means? The word “gospel” means news. It is the news about who Jesus Christ is, what He has done, and how that changes everything for all of us. Continue reading HERE