Sermons from February 2023

Names of God: Jehovah, The Personal God, The I Am

Jehovah (Or Yahweh) is more like a personal revelation. This is the Personality who takes the initiative and reveals himself to us as covenantal, ethical and passionately involved with humanity. In subsequent scriptures, adjectives are often added to this name to disclose aspects of his personhood. (EG. Peace, Provider, Righteous, Just, Shepherd etc).

Names of God: Elohim, the Powerful One

As a general rule, when our English scripture translations use the word “God” the Hebrew words behind it is either “El” or “Elohim.” This is the most general name for God – God’s surname! It means the almighty one, the powerful one, the worshipful one, the supreme being. It is significant that Elohim is the plural form of El. Yet it is used as if it were singular when it refers to the God of the Hebrews. Inherent in this…

Names of God: Introduction

One of the great questions that comes to us is: “Is there really a God; a Being of some sort beyond the created order who creates and somehow oversees reality?” And if there is such a Being (or beings); what are they like? Can they be known and do they in some way engage with creation? And if there is no God or gods, how do we best make sense of our experience of the world? How do we navigate…